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Making disciples. Why is it confusing when we say these words.  Surely Jesus did not want us to be perplexed about the Great Commission.  He is not the author of confusion.  If you look at the life of Christ, He was about making disciples which was primarily “investing in the few.”  The majority of His life (30 years), Jesus stayed in Nazareth investing with His family.  The other ten percent was mostly with the 12 disciples.  Sure Jesus worked with big crowds, but that was not His priority or plan for us. In fact, He never intentionally did ministry for a big crowd.  It just happened.  If we are truly going to make disciples, it should be about investing in the few!

Here is a simple way to look at making disciples.  It’s called The Disciple Plan


Yes, I want to change the world. I’m committing to the plan that Jesus gave to save the world.  I will make disciples.  


I will be intentional in my own discipleship and grow and learn in Christ Jesus.

I will intercede in prayer for the few of my friends or relatives who need Jesus.

I will invest quality time with them.

I will invite them to hear the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

I will increase by continuing the disciple plan for life and I will pass it on to others.


 This was the Great Commission.  It should not be complicated.  Making disciples is for all followers of Jesus.  You can do it.  Get in a place where you are learning. Discipleship is all about growing. Pray for one or two who need Jesus, invest time with them, and invite them to hear the Good News!  That’s it; you are making disciples!  Now go do it daily and pass it on.